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Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Response at Wildlife/Livestock-human Interface
If prevention is better than cure, then you will find our capacity to detect diseases upfront invaluable. If there is any diseases outbreak and you have been pulling your hair wondering – “what next?” then we could be the answer you have been looking for.

What it is

  • To detect infectious diseases before they emerge and spread hence ensuring good health and economic saving for other social services.
  • Provide quick and timely responses to disease outbreaks before they spread widely.
  • Train local volunteers to help in surveillance and community mobilization.
How we do it
  • A multidisciplinary team is sent to the affected area and collect baseline information about the disease including environmental information (epidemiology information).
  • Appropriate samples are collected from the species for laboratory analysis.
  • Laboratory analysis is done on sight, established local laboratories and a network of referral laboratories.
  • Provide framework for communication strategy during the outbreak to ensure all the critical information is passed on in a timely and effective manner
  • Coordination and facilitate outbreak response meetings
Benefits to you (if you engage our services)
  • Timely result dissemination to various services providers and beneficiaries which will enable you in case management and further surveillance
  • Provide response strategy plans for the future outbreaks
  • Ready to work team saving time spent in out sourcing of qualified personnel. This won’t just save you time but cash too.
Proof That We Produce Results
Case study - Strange Disease outbreak in Northern Uganda, October-December, 2010


AHHESConsult provides multidisplinary professionals to address full range of health related problems to Wildlife/Livestock-human ecosystem health.
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