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Our Vision is to provide a state of the art multi-displinary ecosystem health services and research intervations that will apply cutting edge science and technology while addressing health issues of wildlife/livestock and human interface with the aim of reducing ecosystem ill health and improving eco-health awareness to the general public.

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The Consultancy Offers multidisciplinary professional expertise throughout the region in all fields wildlife-livestock/human cross-cutting ecosystem health issues that focuses on:

  • Disease surveillance and outbreak response at wildlife-human interface
  • Laboratory support/services for disease investigations
  • Advanced field laboratory technology diagnostics
  • Wildlife population management and production systems
  • Captive care and management
  • Linking human health, livelihoods and great ape health and conservation
  • Demand –driven research using advanced technologies
  • Capacity building in all above fields
  • Information technolog
Our services is based on realization of challenges/problems arising at the interface of humans and animals especially the new emerging and reemerging diseases affecting humans. We provide cross cutting edge  holistic approaches to emerging infections that links microbiology, Veterinary medicine, human medicine, ecosysytem health , public health and epidemiology.  This is strongly linked to addressing issues of public health economic, social and biodiversity development concerns.
AHHESConsult provides multidisplinary professionals to address full range of health related problems to Wildlife/Livestock-human ecosystem health.
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