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Great ape Health and conservation

What it is

We monitor great ape health within and outside protected areas using non-invasive methods and employ molecular methods to definite disease situation and provide methods and mechanism for reducing disease transmission risks to great apes alongside conservation efforts

How we do it

We sent up a long-term health monitoring program comprising of multidisciplinary researchers, biologists, environmentalists and public health experts to collect data for health monitoring.

The health monitoring uses one health approach whereby communities, livestock and other wildlife around the great ape health habitats are included in the monitoring.
Public health initiatives are undertaken to address hygiene and sanitation
Preventative measures are undertaken with humans to reduce risks of disease exposure

Benefits to you (if you engage our services)

Great ape health improved which in turn promotes sustainable tourism benefits
Available database to consult for policy formulation
Case study of results

AHHESConsult provides multidisplinary professionals to address full range of health related problems to Wildlife/Livestock-human ecosystem health.
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