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Wildlife Animal Population Management and Production Systems

With the current volatile wildlife populations, the need for expert advice has never been greater. And where there is population, production will be there also. And that’s how we came up with a package on Wildlife Animal Population Management and Production Systems.

What it is
This involves active management of wildlife populations including translocations, population reinforcement and population monitoring alongside assessment of ecosystem services.
The core goals is to promote utilization of wildlife resources for conservation and economic gain through wildlife production and utilization services like Game ranching/farming, green hunting, trophy hunting etc

How we do it

  • We monitor population’s carrying capacities together with park managers and advise accordingly
  • Provide technical expertise to implement active management systems
  • Guide private investors on requirements for game ranching and technical management
  • Promote ecotourism and private game ranching
  • Breeding centers for re-stocking

Benefits to You

  • We will take you through an entire process on one to one basis from inception to facility set up and initial management requirements. What this means to you is that we will do exactly what you have set out to achieve.
  • Offer inspection services once a month during establishment which will reduce errors and ensure continuity.
  • Provide a platform for question and answers to gain clarity of issues

 Proof That We Produce Results
Case study - Ostrich Farming


AHHESConsult provides multidisplinary professionals to address full range of health related problems to Wildlife/Livestock-human ecosystem health.
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